At Rockwood Investment Counsel, LLC our thorough and independent analysis allows for bold conviction in our investments.  However, we are conservative in our valuation and investment approach.

We believe buying small companies, financially strong leaders in their niche markets, trading below true value is an essential component to long-term investment success.

Consistent application of our bottom-up, fundamental, multi-faceted valuation approach allows us to be opportunistic, recognizing and exploiting market inefficiencies created by investor emotion or near-term misperceptions.  We look for opportunities others have missed.  We talk to the companies.  We remain independent of outside noise and popular opinions.

Creating a portfolio of catalyst-driven, long-term investment opportunities based upon rigorous attention to a disciplined process allows for consistent, competitive investment results through all market cycles.

We sell when our investments reach full valuation and reinvest in new opportunities as they present themselves.  We are patient investors.  We view most investments with a three-year time horizon.